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Get access covers in Melbourne for storm water pits, drainage pits and trade waste silt pits. Buy in bulk and save up to 50% of regular pricing.

Find and compare companies that make or supply access covers and manholes in Melbourne.

No matter your requirements you'll find what you need right here on Access Covers Melbourne.

  • Square & Rectangular Covers
  • Vented covers and peep-eye Covers
  • Multi-Part Covers 2-Part, 3-Part
  • Custom made access covers to suit any large or small pit opening.
  • Circular Covers Cast Iron - Class B or D 610mm
  • Bolt down covers available
  • FRP Covers Lightweight alternative to concrete and cast iron covers.
  • Inspection Shaft Covers
  • Stop Tap box, Hydrant and Water covers
  • Maintenance Shaft Covers Ductile Iron (Class D) and Concrete (Light Duty) covers available Concrete Covers
  • Side Entry pit covers

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